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Disinfecting and The Precautions We're Taking.  

The Health and safety of our clients and employees is our top priority at this time.  In response to the Coronavirus, we're asking any residential clients who think they may be sick to cancel service and resume when they're healthy and cleared by their Dr. of any contagious infections. Our cleaning crews are following all precautions recommended by the CDC diligently.  We understand that this is a time of great need for cleaning more than ever and are prepared to assist companies and facilities as needed to keep their environments clean and disinfected.


Pure Cleaning offers a disinfecting service using electrostatic technology.  Read more about this technology here and watch the videos above on the equipment we are using. If you are interested in these services or have any questions about how it, please contact our office.  

Our employees are required to take their temperature upon arrival to work and document in a log.  If a crew member has even a low-grade fever of 100 degrees, they'll be asked to stay home and report to their Dr. for clearance before returning to work.


  1. Upon arrival at each job, crew members wash their hands immediately for 20 seconds, dry and put on gloves before cleaning. 

  2. Change their gloves often to avoid cross-contamination.

  3. They're instructed not to touch their eyes, face, nose or mouth.  Wearing gloves helps to keep them from doing so

  4. Physical contact with others is restricted, with no handshaking or hugs.

  5. We've added disinfecting to every job as a final step after cleaning.  Microfiber towels are soaked in a hospital-grade disinfectant and used to wipe all hard non-porous surfaces and touchpoints before leaving.  Each towel is used until it no longer leaves the surface wet and then put with the dirty towels and a new one is used, towels are never redipped in the disinfecting solution. This final step will leave surfaces wet long enough for the solution to kill viruses and other pathogens.

  6. They are washing their hands for 20 seconds again at the end of each job immediately before leaving.

  7. They are disinfecting all equipment, bottles, caddies, and interior of the car between each job


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