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Is Pure Cleaning LLC bonded and Insured?
Yes.  We are registered, fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Who will clean my home or business?
We do our best to have the same crew return for each cleaning however, due to sicknesses or other inconveniences we can’t always guarantee that. What we will guarantee is that our staff is professional and adequately trained to provide exceptional and consistent service.  All employees have gone through pre-employment screening which includes a drug test, background check, employment history verification, and reference checks.

What time will a crew arrive and how long will it take them to finish?
Crews will arrive within 1 hour of their scheduled time and will be able to complete the job between 1-4 hours depending on the size of the job and how many crew members are sent, initial cleaning times will vary. A minimum of two crew members are sent to every job.

Do I need to be home while the crew is cleaning?
You do not need to be home as long as the crew has access to the house.  If access is given without prior arrangements please leave specific instructions on how the crew should lock up and arm your home when they’ve finished.  Please be sure to put pets outside or in a designated place while the crew is there working.

I don’t need regular periodic cleanings, is it ok to call and schedule a cleaning as needed? 
We are always happy to accept jobs on as-needed bases. We’re well-staffed and prepared to accept jobs at any time.

Do you sell gift Cards or Gift Certificates?
Yes we do! We will be happy to sell a gift certificate for a quoted job or an hourly rate.  


Do you use your own vacuum?

Yes, we do! Each Crew will have a commercial-grade Proteam backpack vacuum cleaner. Our vacuums have a 3 step HEPPA filtration system and remove 99.9 % of allergens.  We prefer to use our vacuum but if you'd like us to use yours, we will.          


Do you supply the cleaning products? If so what products do you use?
Yes, our crews will arrive with everything they need to complete the job.  The only exceptions are that we ask clients to provide a tool to remove cobwebs that will reach the appropriate heights for their home or facility and a product to clean wood floors if applicable. We use Green Seal Certified products for most visits except the initial cleaning (unless by request).  Some products are not Green such as oven cleaners and disinfectants. Our staff is well trained on proper techniques and which products to use on all types of surfaces. 

I have some products that I prefer to use in my home, is your staff permitted to use my products?
Yes! We just ask that any preferred product you provide be left out in plain sight for the crew. 

I’m thinking about getting a pet, should I report to your company if I choose to do so?
Yes, please report any additions or losses to the family so that prices, planning, and precautions can be adjusted accordingly.


Is there anything I should do before the crew arrives to clean?
Our Crews arrive with the expectation to clean surfaces, floors, fixtures, appliances, basins, tubs, commodes, etc. It is always helpful to our crews if you tidy up a little before we arrive so that crews can properly clean surfaces and thoroughly vacuum/mop floors.  If you have furniture you would like vacuumed underneath or behind you should move that prior to arrival as well since our crews are not permitted to move furniture or appliances.

How should I pay for services?
Payments are due at the time of service for residential accounts and can be made by check, credit card, or paypal.  Commercial accounts will receive an invoice monthly and payment can be made by check, credit card, electronic transfer, or paypal. 

Pay for your cleaning through PayPal by clicking below. 

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